Material cutting:



CNC Turning

Haas SL10

(axis 2, max gauge 200 / max length 120)

Haas ST10 2x

(max gauge 250 / max length 120)

Haas SL20

(axis 2, max gauge 250 / max length 120)

Doosan Lynx 2100A

(axis 2, max gauge 310 / max length 330)

Doosan Lynx 2100LA + bar feeder

(max gauge 310 / max length 500)

Doosan Lynx 220LSYA + bar feeder

(driven tools+Y/max gauge 250 / max length 200)

CNC Milling / Machining centres

MAS MCV 1000 Quick

(vertical axis 3 – max. size of workpiece X-1000/Y-610/Z-610 /max. load of table 700kg)

MAS MCV 1270 Speed

(vertical axis 3 – max. size of workpiece X-1270/Y-610/Z-610 /max. load of table 1200kg)

Brother R450X1

(vertical axis 3, 2x palette max. load of table 2x120kg, X-450/Y-320/Z-305)

Doosan HP5100 II

(Horizon axis 4, 2x palette 500x500, max. load of table 500kg/pal., positioning 360° with a division of 0,001°, X-850/Y-700/Z-750)

Machining materials:


Stainless Steel



Cast Iron

Technical plastics

Marking parts:

Microdot marking machine – Pramark

Fiber Laser – Automator


kontrola kvality
Quality control is the basic building block of our production. It occurs during the entire production process, from receiving semi-finished products to the expedition of completed products.
– To direct quality we use an integrated system of quality management according to ISO 9001:2015
Measuring devices:

3D Coordinate-measuring machine Wenzel SmartCMM (X500/Y450/Z400)

Contourograph Mitutoyo CV3200H4 (X100/Z300)

Rough Measuring Gauge Mitutoyo Sj210

A wide range of regularly calibrated communal gauges